Data Science Position in Bristol

Research Assistant in Data Science
(Full time - Closing date for applications - 17-Jun-2014)

We are looking for an outstanding data scientist to join the ERC project "ThinkBIG" (led by Nello Cristianini). You will contribute to extend a pre-existing software infrastructure for the analysis of large corpora. This is a position for an experienced data scientist with a strong background in a STEM field, and research training, with experience in statistical machine learning applied to textual data, and in scaling software for big-data applications.

In addition to your online application, you will need to submit a sample of code (preferably Java) written by you which shows your best work in the creation of reusable, maintainable code in a group environment. Please select a sample no larger than 5 classes. This sample of code does not necessarily need to be related to text mining.

Please send the sample of code (alone) to Tom Welfare at: code.for.vacancy(at) with a short explanation. Please do not send any enquiries to this email address.

Informal enquiries can be made to Nello Cristianini: nello.cristianini(at)

It is expected that interviews will be held in late June 2014.

ThinkBIG page:

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