Postdoc position involving pathbreaking work in MRP, Stan, and the 2014 election!

The below vacancy in the Applied Statistics Center at Columbia University may be of interest to CSML members

We’re working with polling company YouGov to track public opinion, state-by-state and district-by-district, during the 2014 campaign. We’ll be using multilevel regression and poststratification, and implementing it in Stan, and developing the necessary new parts of Stan to get this running scalably and efficiently. And we’ll be making the most detailed, up-to-date election forecasts.

What you’ll be doing if you join us as a postdoc:

  • You’ll be in the midst of the most advanced polling team anywhere;
  • You’ll be doing cutting-edge statistical research on MRP with deep interactions;
  • You’ll be doing basic research in statistical computing, developing fast and scalable deterministic and stochastic algorithms for fitting multilevel models;
  • You’ll be working inside Stan, the most advanced general computational framework for Bayesian analysis. We’re doing research, not just implementing existing methods.

What we need:
  • Stats knowledge. You should know your way around Bayesian data analysis;
  • Serious computing skills. You should be a skilled C++ programmer;
  • Interest in the application area. You should care about public opinion, and it should be important to you that our forecasts are good. When our estimates of opinion for some group in the population don’t make sense, you should notice and be bothered by it.

We have a great team with diverse skills (computing, statistics, political science) that plays nicely together and from whom you can learn a lot. Also lots of opportunity to collaborate with researchers in many different quantitative disciplines through Columbia’s Applied Statistics Center.

The position is a 2-year postdoc, funded by Yougov and situated in the Applied Statistics Center at Columbia University. More details on the position can be found at .