Internships at Amazon

The Amazon Machine Learning Science Team is seeking interns to join the Scalable Machine Learning, Forecasting, Content Linkage, and Computer Vision groups in Berlin, Germany. We focus on data-driven approaches in these areas for Amazon as a whole as well as their applications to particular products.

  • In the Forecasting group, we develop sophisticated algorithms that involve learning from very large amounts of data, such as prices, promotions, similar products, and a product’s attributes, in order to forecast the demand of over 10 million products. These forecasts are used to automatically order more than $200 million worth of inventory weekly, establish labor plans for over 10,000 employees, and predict the overall company’s financial performance. The work is complex and important to Amazon. The better our forecasts, the more we can lower prices for customers and offer in-stock selection.
  • In the Content Linkage group, our goal is to learn to dynamically link digital content on Amazon and the Web, so that customers can discover fresh and related content relevant to books and other media they purchase. Our other task is to enable fast and scalable translation of Amazon's product catalog, customer reviews and other natural language data across a large number of language pairs.
  • In the Computer Vision group our goal is to develop real-time object recognition and object tracking algorithms that can distinguish between 10+M products and can be used to automate Amazon's fulfillment and product quality systems. The more accurately we can detect products, the more we can speed-up the delivery to customers.
  • In the Scalable Machine Learning group, we develop learning algorithms able to handle the gigantic data volumes collected by Amazon and able to operate at internet speed. We explore new paradigms for distributed optimisation and inference. We also investigate efficient representations of very large and complex data models. Finally, we automate the process of building and learning data models to enable evidence-driven decision-making with minimal effort from the domain experts.
As an intern, you will have an opportunity to work on complex mathematical problems with a large element of uncertainty. You will develop new scalable algorithms and improve existing approaches based on modern statistical, machine learning, and data mining methods to impact the core business of Amazon. You are an individual with outstanding analytical abilities and excellent communication skills. You will be responsible for researching, developing, and analyzing statistical models. You will also be prototyping the implementations by using high-level modelling languages such as MATLAB or R, or in software languages such as Java, or C++. You should have a strong background in machine learning with domain knowledge and experience in the following areas: data-driven statistical modelling, graphical models, feature extraction and analysis, supervised learning (in particular, discriminative methods). You should have at least one refereed academic publications in these areas.

Please contact Cedric Archambeau cedrica(at) if you are interested in this opportunity.