Reading Group: Classifier fusion with STEPS

SpeakerManuel Jorge Cardoso
AffiliationCMIC, UCL
DateWednesday, 21 Mar 2012
Time16:00 - 17:00
LocationFoster Court 235
Event seriesMachine Learning for Neuroimaging Reading Group

Classifier fusion with STEPS (Similarity and Truth Estimation for Propagated Segmentations) and its application to hippocampal segmentation and brain parcelation.

[1] M. J. Cardoso, K. Leung, M. Modat, J. Barnes, and S. Ourselin, “Locally Ranked STAPLE for template based segmentation propagation,” MICCAI 2011 Workshop on Multi-Atlas Labeling and Statistical Fusion, Sep. 2011.
[2] M. J. Cardoso, M. Modat, S. Keihaninejad, D. Cash, and S. Ourselin, “Multi-STEPS: Multi-label Similarity and Truth Estimation for Propagated Segmentations,” MMBIA, pp. 153–158, Jan. 2012.

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