Seminar: Tutorial on Deep RL

SpeakerKai Arulkumaran
AffiliationImperial College
DateFriday, 19 Oct 2018
Time13:00 - 14:00
LocationRoberts G08
Event seriesDeepMind CSML Seminar Series

Deep reinforcement learning is one of the hottest topics in machine learning research, and is thought to be a plausible route to Artificial General Intelligence. The idea behind this is that reinforcement learning is a formal way of training goal-directed agents, and can be combined with deep learning to train agents directly from raw, high-dimensional data. In this talk I will go through a quick introduction to deep learning and reinforcement learning, to then focus on the deep Q-network for playing Atari video games, as well as the asynchronous advantage actor-critic algorithm. To finish off I will discuss more specific topics of research in deep reinforcement learning, highlighting the broad spectrum of work to still be done.

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