Seminar: Rotary Components and the Kinematics of Complex-Valued Time Series

SpeakerAndrew Walden
AffiliationImperial College
DateThursday, 03 May 2012
Time13:00 - 14:00
LocationB17 Basement LT, Torrington (1-19)
Event seriesCSML Joint Seminar Series

The scientific value of complex-valued time series analysis occurs when the real and imaginary parts are geometrically related through the physics governing the data, most notably when the real and imaginary parts are orthogonal vector components for motion taking place in a plane. For example, in oceanography tidal currents are typically resolved into eastward (zonal) and northward (meridional) components and in meteorology a similar decomposition may be made for wind vectors. Rotary analysis decomposes such vector motions into counter-rotating components which have proved particulary useful in the study of geophysical flows influenced by the rotation of the Earth. Although there are numerous applications of rotary analysis relatively little attention has been paid to statistical properties of important quantities such as the rotary coefficient which measures the tendency to rotate counterclockwise or clockwise, and the talk is aimed at elucidating such properties.

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