Seminar: Similarity metric learning: theory and applications

SpeakerYiming Ying
AffiliationUniversity of Exeter
DateTuesday, 19 Nov 2013
Time11:00 - 12:00
LocationRoom 6.12a, Malet Place Engineering Building
Event seriesComputer Science Seminars

Similarity/metric learning aims to learn an appropriate similarity function or distance metric to compare examples in data. It has been successfully applied to various domains, ranging from improving kNN classification and k-means clustering to face recognition and image retrieval. In this talk, I will review our recent work in this research direction. In particular, I will talk about our work on its learning theory foundations and advancing state-of-the-arts in its applications to unconstrained face recognition.

This talk is based on work jointly with Qiong Cao, Zheng-Chu Guo and Peng Li.

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